Ladies Calendar 2020

Join us on 13 March 20:00 to discover the new calendar for 2020. Here is a preview!

Check i-golf to enroll to any of the competitions and check the info tab to discover more about the events.

Donderdag  19     Amicale Rigenee IN
Zondag        29     Openingsprize by Strokes the Golf Shop - Chapman Joker

Donderdag   09    Ladies Clinic with Pros (15 spaces available)
Donderdag   16    Eclectic Ladies + Rabbits (C)   
Zaterdag      18     Business Eclectic (incorporated to Club Competition)
Donderdag   23    Ladies Clinic with Pros (15 spaces available)
                     23    Ladies Invite "Italian Theme" sponsored by Hilde & Sergio

Donderdag   07    Eclectic Ladies + Rabbits (C)
Zaterdag      16     Business Eclectic (C)
Donderdag   14    Klingspor Challenge #1 (series of 3)
Donderdag   28    Ladies Invite sponsored by Marina & Mark